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by Jack Trout with Steve Rivkin
How to adapt, compete and succeed in a time of increased competition, change and crisis.
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The Making of a Name
by Steve Rivkin & Fraser Sutherland
In 2004, Oxford University Press published this definitive book on names and naming -- how brand names mark our lives, how they’re created, who makes them, how they’re protected, plus the do’s, the don’t and the nevers of naming.
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by Steve Rivkin & Fraser Seitel
"Humorous, insightful and provocative are only a few of the words that come
to mind to describe this superb book," says David Rockefeller in his Foreword
to IdeaWise.

"IdeaWise should be required reading for every manager in America," says
former Johnson & Johnson executive Jack McConnell, MD. "It will save your company thousands of dollars in consultants' fees and help you create a stream of revenue of millions of dollars from the new products and services you will develop."

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Differentiate or Die (2nd Edition)
by Jack Trout with Steve Rivkin
How to stand out in the crowd. The seminal concept of a "unique selling proposition" updated for the new world of killer competition.
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The New Positioning
by Jack Trout with Steve Rivkin
Important insights into differentiation and how to build perceptions in the ultimate battleground – the mind of your prospect.
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The Power of Simplicity
by Jack Trout with Steve Rivkin
A Management guide to strategy, planning, goals, leadership, budgets, and more. How to cut through the nonsense and do things right.
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33 Tips & Tactics for Generating Names (FREE!)
by Steve Rivkin
How do you manufacture a new word? Why would you intentionally misspell a name? How can a random idea stimulate a new name?

The answers are found in "33 Tips & Tactics for Generating Names," a 28-page booklet packed with creative prods, techniques and tools.

To get your FREE Copy,
Send a #10 envelope with two ounces of postage to:

"33 Tips"
Rivkin & Associates Inc.
PO Box 188
Glen Rock, NJ 07452-0188

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