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Marketing Audits & Positioning Projects
Objective outside counsel, steeped in decades of “Positioning” training, for companies, institutions or brands. The work product typically includes analyses of existing programs and recommendations for the implementation of new strategies.
Marketing Innovation
Every process, every technology, every product eventually becomes old. But as Peter Drucker once observed, “Defending yesterday – that is, not innovating – is far more risky than making tomorrow.” Whether it's a one-day consult or a longer-term project, we apply the principles of being “IdeaWise” and provide fresh thinking and new ideas.
Customized Name Creation
A 3-4 week project to create registrable names for companies or brands. We use a variety of techniques to create a minimum of five candidate names. The goal is to express your marketing and communications objectives with vigor and clarity. Names are pre-screened for legal availability. We also report on multilingual suitability.
The Naming Workshop®
A concentrated one-day, on-site program tailored to an individual company's naming needs. There's a presentation and workbook on naming strategies and tactics, then orchestrated ideation to develop names for a brand or company. A dozen proven exercises lead your team to create hundreds of possible names.
Crisis Counsel
Faced with challenges to corporate credibility and continued viability, a smart organization turns to experience and competence in crisis. We have counseled many in such dire straits. Typical issues: Confronting the realities of crisis, corralling the disparate elements of crisis, and communicating a consistent message in the midst of crisis.
Communications/Public Relations Counsel
Strategic and straightforward communications counsel in areas including public relations, image management, reputation enhancement and investor relations.
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